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‘Executive Director’ remains far and away the top title in B&A readership
‘Sacred cow’ programs must be eliminated by the board
“Help! My obnoxious board member intimidates everyone.”
“Lighting a fire” won’t help the board that’s too timid to fundraise
“My grievance procedure needs help”
B&A remains valuable to his board 20 years on
Downton Abbey relationship tip: Serve your board instead of bossing it
3 big considerations as you make way for your successor
3 ways to ease board members into fundraising
30 years later: Board inclination is to pass the buck on fundraising
4 strategies that will reinforce chain of command
4 tasks for a board development committee
4 tips for leadership transition success
5 reasons EDs fail (and how to avoid them)
A Closer Look event yields board members, increased support
Accept your title or suffer the consequences
Administrator clowns around to lighten up evaluation meeting
Anticipate board conflicts in board policy
Ask your board to trust your decisions
Auditor gripes to board about late bill after exec dismissed from meeting
Avoid butting heads with former CEO
Avoid failure with the board by understanding its roots
Balance work-life demands with these tips
Be careful when using for-profit data in salary negotiations
Be careful with your perks and benefits
Beware: Bored at 20 can mean bored at 50
Big donor forces executive director out
BLF 2012 State of the Sector discussion raises key issues for boards
Board & Administrator wins Distinguished Award
Board & Administrator Wins Silver in the Azbee Awards
Board & Adminstrator honored in the APEX 2012 Awards for Publishing Excellence
Board and Administrator Honored at Industry Awards
Board and Administrator Relationship: Indicators of Health
Board and executive director trust issues? Look at these problem areas
Board committee sees itself as ‘Office of Staff Affairs’
Board Communication Primer: Make Your Communication Crystal Clear, Effective
Board disengagement signals danger zone for CEO
Board diversity can create ‘connection’ issues
Board Dynamics Change as New Members Join
Board faces budget contraction head on
Board fires executive director, shouts at stakeholders
Board honesty is the first step to attracting younger members
Board leaders can prevent meddling in your job
Board leadership influences new member behavior
Board member and employee in relationship, but there is no fraternization policy
Board member removal: Dot your i’s and cross your t’s
Board member request throws wrench in bid process
Board members “volunteer” when they consult
Board members on social media can be great for the nonprofit but sticky for the CEO
Board Members Ready to Cut Program Central to Organization's Mission
Board Policy, Terms and Duties for Board Officers
Board president wants information: Is it meddling or just good communication?
Board problem-preventer: Stay on top of board contact with program participants
Board relationship is quite strong
Board says diversify revenue but thinks its work stops there
Board should rarely, if ever, meet without its CEO
Board size: Go big or stay small?
Board strikes without warning
Board that won’t accept training may not be worth your time
Board’s prudent approach prevents ‘reactionary’ decision-making
Boards require regular training
BP spill hits local nonprofits
Break these bad board habits — pronto!
Buck should stop at the board chair, executive director
Build trust in management team, clinical performance to prevent micromanagement
Build your board through better recruiting
Bylaws creation and revision: Put time and thought into the work
Chairman takes sudden interest in daily management affairs
Checklist for Preparing a Mission-Driven Board Meeting Agenda
Cure board member performance issues with sound governance practices
Cure Board Member Performance Issues With Sound Governance Practices
Defend against board member “job seekers”
Design the perfect ‘career ladder’ to develop an outstanding board chair
Dig to find board training grants
Do you and your board need to become more “strategically aware”?
Does your organization employ a development officer?
Don’t damage your board relationship
Don’t let a board member turn your world upside down
Don’t let that nominations committee stumble about
Don’t lose touch with board members during summer
Don’t neglect ‘board relations’ when succession planning
Don’t solicit someone else’s problem
Don’t take that job!
Easy ways your board members can give donors what they want
ED finds success ‘actively’ training the board
Editor Jeff Stratton at the Board Source Conference
Educate the board so your evaluation isn’t a fright
Effective board meetings require prepared board members
Emerge unscathed after those ‘tough talks’ with the board
Emphasize respect with out-of-line board members
Establish a board culture that limits micromanagement
Ethical conundrum: Execs serve on each other’s boards
Ethical Conundrum: Execs Serve on Each Other’s Boards
Exec blindsided by firing — and that’s really no big surprise
Exec takes the fall when employees go behind her back
Exec’s personal involvement key to making committees hum
Exec’s visibility helps with community connections and ultimately board’s perception
Executive committee meets without executive director’s knowledge
Exit Interview for Board Members
Exit interview gleans helpful information from departing members
Face up to it to fix problem
Fact of life: boards will make decisions that don’t belong to them
Financial reporting key to gaining board trust
Find a good fit on your board for the ‘next generation’ board member
Find out how board members feel about fundraising plans
Find out how you are doing if the board doesn’t evaluate your performance
Focus on the organization for effective leadership transition planning
Focus the board with your executive director’s annual work plan
Fundraising issues perplex execs
Get major mileage from new board member orientation
Give board tools to beef up fundraising
Give The Board Doctor a ring
Give your board a three-point mission statement check-up
Give Your Board These Things to Remember about Fundraising
Great governance questions
Grow your successor internally with board input
Harness the power of Millennials to add energy, expertise to your board
Help board determine executive compensation in accordance with IRS regs
Hourglass image clarifies connection between board and staff
How do boards use executive committees?
How do you handle a domineering board member?
How does the board remember everything you did in the past year?
How strong is the board's governance commitment?
How to deal with the “raging” board member
How to respond when the board turns on you
How to talk turkey about tough finances with your board
Improve board meetings with these effective strategies
Include these essential resources in your organization’s orientation packet
Individual Board Plans Boost Board Engagement
Individual meetings key to working through contentious issues
Is strategic planning dead?
Issue guidelines to describe board’s mentor program
Keep board’s attention on strategy with a Governance Agenda
Keep the board’s attention away from the day-to-day
Leadership development process yields quality board members
Lessons About Good Governance from the Penn State Fiasco
Lessons learned from transition to a fundraising board
Lessons Learned from Transition to a Fundraising Board
Limit board requests of staff
Look beyond the immediate crisis when money problems strike
Looking for greener pastures? Ace that next job search!
Make board service engaging
Make orientation thorough and support it with follow-up
Make the board and executive partnership run smoothly
Make time for individual meetings during your first 100 days on the job
Make your board one that won’t overstep its role
Micromanagement occurs when you stop leading
Motivate and inspire your board by conducting a ‘look-back’
Never let the board meet without you
Never neglect a board member’s personal needs
New committee chair sets first meeting without exec
New structure strengthens board
New study: Board chairs lacking in preparation, understanding of role
New thinking on nonprofit board recruiting emerges at BoardSource Leadership Forum 2012
No excuses: Boost your compensation and benefits this year
No one gets a word in with the domineering board member
Nonprofit executives average three-plus weeks of vacation
Organization at risk if CEO undermines the board
Orientation of new members should be thorough and ongoing
Parents of people you serve on the board? Cons outweigh the pros
Permanent agenda item keeps roles clarified
Pick your battles wisely
Plan for succession now or pay the price later
Plan performance improvement activities for the board
Planning paves the way to better board relations
Policy, contract should prevent ED’s exclusion from meetings
Policy, support ensure board respects role with staff
Prep Board Members for Interaction with Funders
Prevent board role confusion about who does what
Prevent staff end runs to your board members
Prevent that personnel committee from micromanaging your staff
Prevent your own demise due to board-staff contact
Process helps board learn proper way to handle complaints
Process thoroughly vets board applicants
Protect the organization from ‘mischief’ with the nonprofit’s bylaws
Protect yourself from staff end runs
Protect yourself from your board
Provide guidance to set committee chairs up for success
Put board members in best position to be successful
Ramp up training to teach board its role
Reassess your role in recruiting board members
Report update: A look at salary data from recent years
Resolve board members’ ‘control’ issues
Restrain that personnel committee
Role basics trip up a big-time board
Salary by gender: Men earning more than women
Season new board members well to prep them for service
Seek open forum for administrator’s response to negative appraisal
Sound Risk Management Practices Create Effective Governance
Staff gripes don’t belong on your performance appraisal
Start your meetings with a focus on the mission and good news
Starting now, recruit more effectively
Stay Active, Engaged to Survive in New Economy
Straight shooting works best with problematic board members
Strategies that can prevent fraud at your nonprofit
Strengthen the relationship with your board chair
Succession planning requires thinking through multiple scenarios
Sustainability policy helps board make the tough calls
Take a long-term approach to role education
Take control to receive a fair, objective performance evaluation
Take our online survey on Nonprofit Executive Compensation
Take Time for “Prework” to Eliminate Recruiting Mistakes
Tap pro bono volunteers for high-level work
Teach staff to handle work requests from board members
Tenure at organization pays off handsomely
The 2013-2014 Survey on Nonprofit Compensation is available online!
The exec gets one shot at board orientation: Get it right
The Hotline is your subscriber benefit
Three ‘rules’ govern board members who want jobs
Tips to boost board relationship
Tips to find that next job
Training/bonding session helps board develop itself
Troubles loom if board shirks fundraising in competitive environment
Two tools define roles while building trust between board and CEO
Understand Millennials to get the most from their board service
Use dashboard to improve board communication
Use duty-of-care argument to improve flagging attendance
Use for-profit comparison data sparingly in salary negotiations
Use slow and steady approach to ease board into fundraising
Vet says Role Communication Key to Board Success
Well-prepped board members up to speed by meeting time
What qualities will the next generation of execs need?
What to do when a board member violates confidentiality
What to do when a board member won’t ‘hang up his spikes’
What went wrong: Dissection of an executive director’s firing
What’s the state of your mission statement?
When the board mismanages, manage your way out of the mess
With some boards, the exec’s job never gets any easier
Work through board divisions on contentious issues
You do the hiring, just explain the thorough process

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