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"Our board likes the brief, but to the point, articles that are always timely and relevant. They address issues that can sometimes be difficult for the administrator to discuss with boards but are presented in such a way that board members can accept them in an objective manner. BAN boils topics down to a manageable format that is most effective in explaining on-going issues. I also appreciate the “For Administrators Only” section of the publication and have implemented a number of the practices and ideas that are presented each month. Board & Administrator is informative and cost-effective for our organization.”

Bob Mullen, CEO, Rice County Hospital District #1, Lyons, KS

Board & Administrator is your monthly how-to guide on building a strong working relationship with your board—one that’s built to last through good times and bad. Now in its 25th year, Board & Administrator is filled with strategies to get everyone working together to survive the rest of this economic downturn.

You’ll discover practical solutions to all your board-management problems. You’ll find out what’s working for your colleagues around the country—and what isn’t—so you can more easily resolve your day-to-day challenges, such as keeping board members from micromanaging, streamlining board work, re-energizing “tired” board members, and more.

  • Get your board members more involved in fundraising
  • Enlist your board’s help for working through the revenue shortfall
  • Expand your recruiting to find the strengths and skills your nonprofit needs right now
  • Expand your recruiting pool to add diversity to your board
  • Enhance your board members’ emotional connection with your mission
  • Ensure your policies are current and compliant
  • Help your board evaluate mission impact and program sustainability
  • Evaluate past retreats to plan a more successful annual event

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Proven strategies to bring out the best in your board and yourself
  2. Practical solutions to all your board-management issues
  3. Monthly training inserts for your board members on their roles and responsibilities
  4. The Nonprofit Executive Compensation Report—a must-have tool for compensation negotiations
  5. Access to the Board Issues Hotline for one-on-one guidance for your specific board-management problems

Why Wait?

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Plus, each issue also includes the For Board Members report. This monthly training supplement, written specifically for your board members, explains their role and spells out action steps they should take to fulfill their duties. Your board members learn ways they can serve more effectively, with guidance on how to:

  • Take a long-term approach to recruiting quality board members
  • Reinforce your board’s service expectations to strengthen members’ commitment
  • Foster teamwork between the board and the administration
  • Avoid staff-to-board communications that short-circuit your relationship with the board
  • Help board members identify their fundraising niche
  • Define the board–administrator relationship in policy to keep the relationship on track

Subscribers get 5 FREE copies of For Board Members with each issue, so you can insert it into board meeting agenda packets for free training. Or, distribute and discuss the report at meetings for a quick seminar on board responsibilities. It’s easy to order as many as you need for all your board members—see the subscribe page for more information.


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    Jeff Stratton has edited Board & Administrator since 1992. As the Board Doctor, he has advised thousands of executive directors and board members on issues like prevention of
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